Make Loading and Unloading Safer

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When you're loading and unloading commercial vehicles, you want to make sure that your employees and products are safe. A pit dock leveler installation from Fix It Now Garage Doors LLC in Tempe, Arizona can make the loading and unloading process safer and easier. Plus, this type of leveler is affordable and requires minimal maintenance. You can choose between mechanical and powered pit dock leveler installation services, depending on your needs and preferences.

Is your leveler acting up? You can count on us for a pit dock leveler repair. Our team will diagnose the issue and provide a solution as quickly as possible. After a dock leveler repair service, your job will be easier than ever.

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So, how do mechanical dock levelers work? The process is simple:

  • The operator pulls a chain to release the lock
  • The leveler pivots to open the lip of the leveler
  • The loading and unloading process is completed
  • The leveler is lifted up to pivot the lip back down
  • The leveler is lowered into the locked position

We also sell and install air-powered and hydraulic pit levelers. These levelers are controlled using a simple push of a button. You can find the best leveler option for you. Browse our selection of pit dock levelers at Fix It Now Garage Doors in Tempe, Arizona today.