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Commercial and Industrial Dock Leveler Service

Loading Dock Levelers Improve Efficiency and Safety at Your Site

Dock levelers are used to fill in the gap between your truck and the loading dock. This equipment increases safety for both employees and the products being transported by minimizing tripping hazards and spaces. Dock leveler installation and service from Fix It Now Garage Doors will keep things moving at your loading area.

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A Level Path Is Ideal for Loading and Unloading

When the truck bed is not level with the loading dock, it creates a friction point that slows your business. Even a one-inch level difference is an obstacle that your employees must navigate. It takes extra effort to move items when there is more than a small bump.

Even worse, level differences and gaps can be safety issues that contribute to workplace injuries. A small step is a tripping hazard. Trying to manhandle heavy contents in or out of a truck can lead to torn muscles and other strains.

Installing a dock leveler ensures that the path from truck to dock is as simple as possible. Without a difference in level, forklifts, dollies, and hand trucks will easily maneuver around the loading area. Dock leveler service from Fix It Now will improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace.

Benefits of Loading Dock Levelers

We offer edge-of-dock levelers and pit-style levelers. Edge-of-dock levelers attach to the front edge of the dock, while pit-style levelers are found in recessed concrete openings. We also offer complete dock leveler repairs in case your beam welds are cracked or rusted. This dock equipment has several important benefits.

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Dependable Dock Leveler Services for Arizona

Save time and increase workplace safety by letting our team install dock levelers at your workplace. We can also provide timely dock leveler repair if anything goes wrong. Contact us to learn how we can help!

Our Tempe-Area Commercial Services

Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC provides an extensive range of commercial services. We are dedicated to the efficiency, safety, and security of your business.

Forklift Armor

Protect your loading equipment with forklift armor from Fix It Now. These concrete bollards act as a barrier that prevents accidental damage to your overhead dock doors.

Forklift Service

Forklifts require regular service like any motor vehicle. However, when a forklift is down, it disrupts your business. We will loan you a machine while we service your current unit.

Loading Dock Pumps

Loading dock wells collect water that can become a health and safety issue. Standing water also contributes to rust. Installing a dock ejector pump prevents the problem.

Steel Entry Doors

Our steel entry doors enhance the security of your facility. They also provide a safe entryway to your loading dock area. Our team can help prevent unauthorized access to your workplace.

Certified Welding Service

The Fix It Now team includes a certified welder who can make repairs and construct safety railings in your loading dock area. Let us provide an expert for this challenging task.

Garage Door Services

In Tempe, Fix It Now Garage Doors is the place to call for all your commercial and residential garage door needs. Whether you need installation, spring replacement, or other repairs, our team can help.