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Professional Forklift Services from Fix It Now

Regular Forklift Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Forklifts are a critical resource in your warehouse or loading area. When one of these machines breaks down, it disrupts the flow of your business. Forklift services from Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC will improve the function and extend the life of your vehicles.

Man is changing the tire of a forklift in the maintenance area.

Regular Maintenance Gives You the Best Return on Your Investment

Like any vehicle, the forklifts at your facility require occasional care. While this equipment is built for heavy labor, each unit still has maintenance needs. If you put off this required service, you may deal with unexpected breakdowns and business interruptions.

At the same time, pulling a forklift for maintenance is also a disruption. When the vehicle is out for service, it means you can’t move your inventory. You may have to shut down a whole section of your facility for the day.

Fix It Now has you covered when it is time for a forklift maintenance appointment. We can provide a substitute unit to keep your facility running while your vehicle receives its required service. Don’t put off regular maintenance when our team can provide the forklift services you need without the disruptions you don’t.

Some Common Forklift Maintenance Tasks

The point of regular maintenance is to minimize the effects of regular wear and tear caused by the heavy lifting your forklifts handle every day. Our team can perform several important maintenance tasks.

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The Fix It Now Garage Doors Mission

Our mission at Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC is to provide the highest quality products and services at a fair price. We stand behind every sale, treat each customer with respect, and honor every commitment we make.

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Forklift Services Keep Your Vehicles Running

Our forklift repair and maintenance services will keep your equipment running at its best. By providing a substitute forklift for your appointment, we prevent disruptions that increase your costs. For expert forklift services in the Greater Phoenix area contact us today.

Commercial Services for a Thriving Business

Fix It Now is more than a garage door installation company. We can provide a full spectrum of commercial services to keep your loading docks running without a hitch.

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers from Fix It Now create a level path between trucks and your loading dock. This equipment promotes safety and speeds up your loading and unloading.

Forklift Armor

Powerful forklifts can cause unintentional damage to your facility. Our forklift armor safety bollards prevent accidents by providing a solid barrier between vehicles and other equipment.

Loading Dock Pumps

Standing water in your loading dock wells can be a health and safety hazard. It can also lead to rust and corrosion on your loading dock equipment. Pumping the water away prevents the issue.

Steel Entry Doors

A steel entry door provides an obvious entry point for visitors to your facility. It also keeps employees from risking injury by entering or exiting through the loading dock.

Certified Welding Service

Welding can be the best way to build safety railings and other frameworks around your facility. Our certified welder has the equipment and experience to get the job done.

Garage Door Services

Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC is Phoenix’s top choice for residential and commercial garage door solutions. We can help you will repairs, replacement, or any other issues.