Safety Bollards Prevent Damage from Forklifts

Our Forklift Armor Keeps Your Equipment Safe from Harm

When a truck comes in, the loading dock becomes a busy place. Even the best forklift driver may accidentally bump or scrape things at the dock. If this heavy machinery dents your garage door tracks, it can cause delays and expensive repairs. Fix It Now installs safety bollards to prevent this unintentional damage.

Example of forklift armor installed at commercial garage doors

Accident Prevention Is Better Than a Repair

Forklifts are designed to be powerful machines. It takes a lot of force to move heavy loads from one part of a warehouse to another efficiently. However, the design that makes these vehicles essential to your loading process also makes them dangerous.

It doesn’t take much contact for a forklift blade to bend or break the garage track for your dock doors. When contact happens, it can leave you with an overhead door that does not shut completely or gets stuck. You will need a quick repair to prevent a safety and security hazard.

Forklift armor from Fix It Now Garage Doors is the best way to prevent this type of damage. We strategically place tall safety bollards to prevent contact between the track and a forklift. This simple solution will help you avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.

How Safety Bollards Protect Your Equipment

Our forklift armor is a safe, simple solution to a common problem, unintentional damage to your overhead dock doors. We install these steel posts to absorb the force of a turning forklift. Our protective bollards add several layers of safety to the loading and unloading process.

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Strong Forklift Armor for Your Phoenix Area Facility

Forklift safety bollards from Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC will protect your dock equipment. By preventing contact, you avoid serious damage. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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