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Expert Ejector Pump Service for Your Loading Dock

Keep Your Dock Well Clear of Water and Debris

The slanted design of dock wells makes them prone to collecting rainwater. Without equipment to pump out and drain the well, your dock may flood, leaving it unusable. At Fix It Now, we provide ejector pump services to keep your loading docks open for business.

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Don’t Let a Broken Ejector Pump Close Your Loading Dock

Most dock wells use a combination of drains and ejector pumps to move water away from the loading area. When a drain clogs or a pump fails, the water level will rise. The resulting stagnant pool of water can make your loading dock inaccessible for loading and unloading.

A flooded dock well is also a health and safety hazard. If a truck backs into a flooded well, it can push water into the loading area, creating the conditions for a slip-and-fall accident. Splashed water can also damage your inventory.

If your loading dock is not emptying as it should, you can rely on the experts at Fix It Now Garage Doors, LLC to diagnose the problem. We can repair or replace your dock well ejector pump and make certain that excess water moves away from your loading area.

Signs that Your Dock Well Ejector Pump Is Failing

To avoid interruptions at your loading dock, it is important to contact us when you first notice a problem with your pump. Even the best pumps can only work so long before they start showing signs of wear and tear. Some frequent indicators of an issue include:

Flooded Loading Dock

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Keep Your Dock Well Ejector Pumps Running Smoothly

A dock well ejector pump plays a vital role in the operation of your loading area. If you suspect a problem with your pumping system, don’t hesitate to call our professional team. Contact us today to examine your dock well pumps.

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